Arrival on Tobago

05/17/2011 02:13 by Thorsten Böhnke

After more than two weeks on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, I have temporarily moved my headquarters to Bucco Point on the neighbouring island of Tobago.

Although most of Tobago is heavily influenced by tourism, Bucco Point has remained a quiet spot. There are a bay, a handful of fishing boats, a 2-km long beach and many seabirds.


I spent the last few days at the beach trying to capture fishing pelicans on film. A lot of patience and luck are needed to capture the birds in the field of view of the 700 mm camera lens precisely at the moment they dive into the water. The cache recording function of the camera comes in handy for this. Cache recording means that the camera continuously records and stores this information in a temporary storage; then, when I press the button, the camera includes the previous 15 seconds in its recording. In this way, it’s possible to capture a “missed” action on film after the fact. Nevertheless, this function cannot replace patience and being at the right place at the right time.


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