The boat for the Pacific

09/28/2011 15:36 by Thorsten Böhnke

After a three-month-long search, at the end of August we found our new floating home, studio and mode of transportation - the Craddock 40.

The boat is approximately 12 m (40 feet) long and was built in a New Zealand shipyard. The Craddock is solidly built yet also boasts good sailing characteristics. Before the deal went through, we took the boat for a test sail with a technical expert and then lifted it out of the water in order to inspect every inch. The final evaluation: a good boat with excellent workmanship. Nevertheless, we still have a list of to do's to bring the boat into top shape before we sail with her into the Pacific. While we had the boat out of the water, we took advantage of the opportunity to do several repairs that could only be done on land.


The Craddock 40 in her element. She will be our home for the next stage of the journey. Photo: S. Whiting.

In November the preparations and trial runs in the Caribbean will start. Until then we're continuing to work on our film project. The first public screening of “Per Anhalter über den Atlantik” (“Hitchhiking across the Atlantic”) will take place at the end of October. As a result, we have a lot to do before we can head onto the water again.

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