Tigersnail Film goes Portuguese

08/20/2012 17:44 by Laura Winter

Small and large turtles filmed by Tigersnail Film graced Portuguese TV screens in the program “Minuto Verde” (“Green Minute”) on July 17.

Thanks to our excellent partnership with the Turtle Foundation, the Portuguese conservation organisation Quercus came to Tigersnail Film when they needed footage of loggerhead sea turtles. Our infrared shots of adult females laying eggs and baby hatchlings digging their way out of the sand were featured in a short report about loggerhead sea turtle protection on the Cape Verde Islands. The show aired on July 17 and is now available online at http://www.rtp.pt/play/p55/e87953/minuto-verde. Look for the Tigersnail Film logo in the upper left corner to spot our footage.

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