Quo vadis “Into the blue” - how will it continue?

07/13/2011 08:31 by Thorsten Böhnke

Quo vadis is Latin for “Where are you going?” The final 54minute film is finished. Now it's time to think about how things will continue – and not only geographically.


A smile for the camera – this parrot snake (Leptophis ahaetulla) was very patient.


We have been filming on Trinidad and Tobago in the past weeks. Our stage ranged from the crystal-clear waters of Arnos Vale to the primary rainforest of Tobago, and from the mangrove swamps of Nariva to the pitch lake of La Brea on Trinidad. The actors were howler and Capuchin monkeys, snakes, porcupines and agoutis (wild guinea pigs), numerous birds and reptiles.



In a loft bed – this howler monkey is taking an afternoon nap at a height of approximately 30 meters. That explains why we so seldom see sleepwalking howler monkeys.


Now the preparations for the next stage are in full swing. In order to find as interesting and exciting themes in the Pacific as in the Atlantic, we're busy researching.

Our research goes hand in hand with our route planning. Since our travel plans depend on being in the right spot at the right time, we need reliable transportation. To increase our flexibility in time and route planning, we're currently looking for a boat.

Furthermore, we plan to start a scientific project in the Pacific, which will investigate the occurrence of some of the smallest organisms – plankton.

Based on our experiences in the previous year, we're replacing and improving parts of our camera equipment. The infrared camera will receive an additional light. Equipped with a special lens, our tiny point-of-view camera now also delivers sharp HD images under water. Personally, I would still like to teach one of our cameras to fly. As a result, we have lots of work ahead of us, but we'll also be getting some reinforcements. But more to that later...



This hairy companion was lucky – he escaped being run over by a car by a hair.

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