Dolphinfish (mahi-mahi)

11/26/2010 22:04 by Thorsten Böhnke

We are now at 12°27.5’N, 43°14.5’W, with 973 nautical miles to go to Barbados. Everyone on board is relaxed.

Mirek caught a 1.2 m long dolphinfish (mahi-mahi) today. That means we don’t need to worry about our food for the next few days.


What a catch, the 15 kg dolphinfish provides enough food for three days.

Today the weather was quite calm: weak winds with a short shower. We’ve passed the halfway mark. With good winds, we should be there in a week; right now, however, there’s no wind.

The sun just set and in another two hours, the moon will rise. Then it’s time for our night watches.

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