07/14/2015 02:55

Off into the jungle

We have arrived in Ecuador where we are working on a new film with working title "A Chance for the Rainforest".

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12/24/2014 14:06

Merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas, peaceful and relaxing holidays and a happy new year.

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RSS feed on tigersnail.com

09/23/2011 16:28 by Thorsten Böhnke

Now it's even easier to stay informed - with our new RSS feed.

An RSS feed can be thought of as a subscription to our news channel. How do you use it? Simply click on the red icon above to the right. Every time we write an update, a link to it will automatically be added to a "Tigersnail News" folder on your bookmark bar. That way you can easily keep up to date with our newest happenings.

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