Side wind

11/30/2010 14:50 by Thorsten Böhnke

Our position is 12°50’N, 52°49’W.

Our speed is 6.5 knots. The trade winds are blowing with a strength of 15 knots from east northeast. The remaining distance to Barbados is 410 nautical miles.

We are still sailing only under the drifter. Currently we’re making approximately 150 nautical miles per day. Thus, our destination is slowly getting closer.

The sea state has increased somewhat. Since we are sailing in a westerly direction, the swell of approximately 3 m from the northeast is hitting us diagonally from the side. For one, this means the boat is shaken through quite well. Furthermore, all the starboard windows need to remain shut; with outside temperatures of 33°C, this makes for some rather warm conditions below deck.

The mood on board is relaxed. Those who have nothing else to do read, listen to music or work on the raw cut of their film.


The saloon of the Ulysses is our mobile studio. Mariusz a polish TV production manager and I at work on the raw cut of  the trailer.

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