Off into the jungle

07/14/2015 02:55 by Thorsten Böhnke

We have arrived in Ecuador where we are working on a new film with working title "A Chance for the Rainforest".

In this film we will investigate the opportunities for and threats to tropical rainforests, in particular in northern South America. We want to highlight the beauties of the Ecuadorian Amazon region. On Friday we will travel to Coca, in the notheast of Ecuador. By boat we will continue down the Napo River to the Napo Wildlife Center. The Wildlife Center is an excellent place to film wildlife and pristine rainforest area. We will stay for 3 days and explore the flora and fauna with our cameras. Then we will hike deeper into the Yasuní National Park to the Napo Cultural Center. We want to get some more wildlife shots and learn about the culture and traditions of the Kichwa indigenous people. After 4 days we will hike back out to the Napo River and catch a canoe ride downstream to Nuevo Rocafuerte. From there we will carry on to the border of Peru in order to try to film river dolphins. More information concerning this project will soon be available on our website.


Coca, on the Napo river. Our bus ride ends here and we will continue by boat downstream.

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