These trailers give you a taste of what's waiting for you in our "Running Downwind" film series.

Hitchhiking across the Atlantic Travelling on the catamaran sailboat “Indiana”, the friends Thorsten Böhnke and Jan Wolf follow the routes of the old tall ships. Along the way, they visit conservationists who have committed themselves to protecting endangered species. When the journey of the “Indiana” ends on the Canary Islands, Thorsten is faced with a decision: should he end his journey as well or should he search, against all odds, for an opportunity to continue across the Atlantic?

The Wild Windwards Thorsten Böhnke and Laura Winter explore the southeastern Caribbean on their “new” 1984 New Zealand-built sailboat, "Corinthian". They point their bow into winds of up to 50 knots and encounter the wild inhabitants and spectacular nature of the Windward Islands along the way. They get up close and personal with nesting leatherback turtles and curious sperm whales, hike through mountainous cloud forests and visit a boiling lake.


Short Films

In our short films, we share the places we visit and animals and people we meet during our journey.

Ciudad Perdida - the lost city Join us on a multi-day trek through Colombia's rainforest to "Ciudad Perdida", the lost city.

Running Downwind meets TOPtoTOP On February 10, 2013, we accompanied Pachamama, the expedition vessel of TOPtoTOP, on their departure from Trinidad. Learn more about the TOPtoTOP global climate expedition and our plans to collaborate with them in the future.

Of Dreams and Dragons A short film about a very unusual ship we encountered in Trinidad. Meet the "Drakar" and her owner Roberto.

The early bird... A short film set in Caroni Swamp in Trinidad. The scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad, and other birds search for breakfast early in the morning.

Leatherback turtle The leatherback sea turtle is one of the largest reptiles alive today. This short film pays tribute to a species that has survived millions of years.

Rainforest A short film about one of the greatest resources on the planet - the rainforest.